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Create & Cook Camp 

ArtPart has teamed up with the Sweet & Savory Classroom for 3 amazing summers. This year we are sad to say we are taking a little break with the hope to strategically plan for more creative and impactful ways to serve our community. THANK YOU for all who have invested in our youngsters! Last summers camp was a blast and everyone learned so much! Stay tuned... 

How It All Began...

Situated in the heart of the Southside is the coolest culinary teaching kitchen. It's the perfect place for anyone to learn the art of cooking. One sunny afternoon Chef Jeff and Susanne (the art teacher) sat down at the counter and brainstormed their ideas together. Jeff grew up in a single parent home and wants to be a positive role model to kids because he knows all too well how difficult it is to parent and keep your kids out of mischief during the summer. With an educators heart, Susanne wanted to find more time to foster creativity outside the boundaries of the school day. How can we make space for kids to practice what they learn, sharpen their vocabulary, grow math skills and encourage creative problem solving through art? We were able to merge our idea and fan into flame the desire to see kids grow in the image of the creator God. All this came together in 2016 with the first Create & Cook Camp and it has been a blast ever since. We teach giving, discipline and life skills to the most beautifully diverse kids in Chattanooga all through the arts!

Meet The Team

Susanne Bowling

 Art Educator

Jeff & Heather Pennypacker

Chef Jeff & Chef Heather Pennypacker Owners of Sweet & Savory Classroom

Emma Bowling

Camp Director & Community Development 

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