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Although the vision for ArtPart was developed over several years, Susanne Bowling and Gayle Ligon started ArtPart when they received a Make Work Grant from Create Here in 2011.  The grant allowed them to bring art to Calvin Donaldson Elementary School (CDES), one of the many schools in Chattanooga that didn’t have an art program, at no cost to the school.  The amazing students loved making and learning about art and so much growth was seen.   The education was state-of-the-art, incorporating technology through visual presentations and students learned not only art techniques, but art history.  ArtPart was thrilled to provide art at CDES for 4 years!  Since that time, we have realized that young and old alike have an art-shaped void and need to find the space and tools to develop their creative side.  So, ArtPart has become more project-oriented in an effort to maximize available resources and meet these needs. We raise the money so that cost does not inhibit anyone for growing and developing their skills to find their inner creativity. Check out some of our many projects HERE!

Why Make Art?

Did you know that in Chattanooga the majority of elementary schools don't have a full-time art program? Art is one of the national education standards for students in our country, yet many schools are forced to cut this program first.  According to Blooms Taxonomy (one of the pillars of modern education) creating is the highest form of thinking.  Creating is where we synthesize information, generate, plan and produce.  If room to create isn’t given priority within the school day, we are failing the next generation of adults as the demand for problem-solving continues to grow in the workplace. This is why making art is so essential for everyone and the mission of ArtPart. Quite simply, we exist to help put the part of art that is often missing back into the lives of individuals to encourage their own creative development. We create art programs that give children and adults the space in life to become creative problem-solvers and this can change the world!

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